Sponsorship for Bilingual Version of “To Baby With Love”

To Baby With Love is my first book and led me to where I am today. As I looked back, I always wonder how things would have been if I didn’t write my first book. Believe it or not, this book was written in 3 days. Yes, you heard me, 3 days. However, the last chapter took me 1 month to script out. Why? The main focus on the book was about my anticipation for a baby where I finally got pregnant, only to end up with a miscarriage. So, I took a month to recuperate and reorganise my thoughts during my confinement period.

You may ask why. Why would I do a Chinese translation, only to bring back the sad memories?

Beyond my sadness and disappointment, I hope to reach out to those who are in need, especially people who had suffered in silence. With a whooping 25% chance of miscarriages, you may know of someone who has gone through this tough season in their lives. Or perhaps you are going through this difficult time by yourself.

I hope this book would serve as an avenue of comfort and lead you or your loved ones onto the route of healing. With a Chinese translation for this, we can spread the love further and in this way, help more people to feel empowered.

As the saying goes: ‘We rise by lifting others. – Robert Ingersoll’. Despite whatever you are going through, know that by helping others it will in turn, lift you up. With your giving spirit, together we can create a real impact.

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